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We provide customized solutions for your needs in relation to the commercialization of your products, supply of raw materials, contracts with suppliers, sales contracts, and company incorporation among many other services.



We verify the production chain of our suppliers, ensuring that they have all the international certifications thus their products are mostly free of: exploited labor, irreversible environmental impact, unfair working conditions.


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T&T is an International Business Consulting Firm located in Tampa Bay, Florida. We provide our clients  with solutions that meet their commercial needs in order to establish their businesses inside and outside The United States. This includes identifying the best suppliers, providing  contracting assistance, negotiations, import/export among many other services.

Ethics, trust and assurance are our values and teamwork and a solid corporate policy based on ethics and integrity are our strengths. Therefore, T&T has achieved successful relationships with all its suppliers within  multiple sectors including agricultural raw materials, livestock, industrial, chemical and finished products. We also partnered with our commercial ally Sugar Cane Solutions PTY, LTD located in Brisbane, Australia and other commercial partners in Madrid and Bogota.

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We are constantly looking for commercial representatives, sales representatives, strategic alliances with companies in the agricultural, livestock, industrial, chemical, raw material distributors, manufacturers of finished products. Contact us to our e-mail or complete the attached form. T&T team is at your disposal to solve your needs.






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13575 58Th St N, Suite 200, Clearwater
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