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Find the Commercial and Legal Solutions for your Company

Find the solutions that fit your needs. We offer you from the companies incorporations to the commercialization of your products, raw material, contracts with suppliers, sales contracts with your clients, among other services.

our food & agricultural commodities



Negotiation with Suppliers

Private Label

Inspection, Testing, Certification, Verification (SGS)





We verify the production chain of our suppliers, ensuring that they have all the international certifications thus their products are mostly free of: exploited labor, irreversible environmental impact, unfair working conditions.

who we are

T&T is an International Business Law Consulting Firm, our main office is located in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. We offer solutions to the Commercial and Legal needs what the companies or individuals could has in order to establishment businesses inside and outside the United States. Our strength as a company is in teamwork, establishing a corporate policy based on ethics and integrity, thus we have achieved a successful relationship with our partners suppliers of agricultural raw materials, livestock, industrial, chemical and other suppliers of finished products. We “solve” the commercial and the legal “needs” of our clients, FROM the location of suppliers, contact, negotiation, legal assistance in contracting, imports, exports, inspections, customs among other services, TO the final satisfaction of their needs. Ethic, Trust and Secureness are the values on which T&T bases its services. We offer a commercial alliance as well with Sugar Cane Solutions PTY, LTD. in the city of Brisbane, Australia and commercial partners in the cities of Madrid and Bogotá.

Commercial Solutions

Check out our agricultural and chemical commodities, as well as the commercial solutions we have at your disposal .

Import & Export

T&T is a specialized import and export of goods and services company, locating suppliers worldwide and maximizing the investment of our customers. In exports we offer solutions to place your finished products in the international market.
We offer the service of private label to the products required by our customers. We have international legislation professionals experts to carry out your customs process with total success, avoiding unnecessary paperwork, loss of time and additional expenses.
Consult our services right now, we offer personalized packages according exclusively to your import and export needs.

Negotation with Suppliers

Finding the right suppliers to solve your need is a T&T task. We place at your disposal our relationships and commercial alliances, locating specific suppliers for the import needs of your company and looking for the appropriate niches for the export of your products.


Shipping internationally can be a complex process. Here at T&T, we minimize the complexity by offering a single point of contact for your shipment to assist, update and relay relevant information to you directly throughout the shipment process.

Legal Solutions

Your legal solutions start here and now. Check out all the services we have to offer

Companies Incorporation

– LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Non-Profit

– Verify Company Name Availability

– Preparation & Filling of Articles

– Registered Agent Services

– Lifetime Company Alerts

– Free Business Tax Consultation

– Lifetime Customer Support

Intellectual Property

– Trademark and Patent

– USPTO Registration

– WIPO Registration

– Manager Contracts

– Producer Contracts

– Artists Contracts

– Producer Contracts

– Copyrights

International Contracts & documents


– International Supply Contract

– International Consulting Contract

– International Technology Transfer Agreement

– International Trademark License Agreement

– International Manufacturing License Agreement

– International Software License Agreement

– Contract for Turnkey Project

– Logistics Services Contract

– Export Contract

– Import Contract

– International Confidentiality Agreement

– NCND Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Contract


Join Our TEam

We are constantly looking for commercial representatives, sales representatives, strategic alliances with companies in the agricultural, livestock, industrial, chemical, raw material distributors, manufacturers of finished products. Contact us to our e-mail or complete the attached form. T&T team is at your disposal to solve your needs.







China, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Chile, Colombia, México, Guatemala and Honduras.


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